Saturday, October 25, 2008

You Never Know Part 2

Where I go to Church the Senior Pastor's wife has a favorite saying "You Never Know"
It's easy to think that someone is mad at you when you are getting yelled at right? Wrong?
Just because someone yells at you doesn't mean that person does not like you.
Maybe the person yells at you because he or she actually cares about you.
After all that is what happened to me.
The other person was hurt because they cared.
I was wrong.
I don't mind telling you that I redicated my life to God once again.
It seems like the older I get the more I have to learn.
Once again the Senior Pastor's Wife is right when she said " You never know ".
I must admit I fell short of the mark.
Looks like I'm going to be a lifetime student.
After all there is always something that I can learn from each person.
It reminds me of a song. Don't worry if you havn't heard the song. Its a song that is being practiced where I go to Church.
"We are just a wreck waiting to happen, sin has us out of control."
How true this is.

Let's face it we're not perfect.

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