Friday, November 19, 2010

Where does your belief lie .... . ..

Every clean & unclean spirit have 1 thing in common. So what is it: Belief

Unforgiveness is belief that you have been wronged

Victim is belief that someone waited to overpower you

Hurt is belief that you have been hurt

Down cast is belief you have been defeated

---- Verses on the flip side-----

Joy is the belief in God for He is your strength

Encouragement is belief that every one has value

Faith is belief in the positive, in things that are unseen

List continues ecetra........

Point is whatever the emotion or feeling is there is belief whether negative or positive

On this Day . . . . . . . .

This is the first book that I have read by Robert J. Morgan. I must admit as I was reading this book I couldn't help but think of the countless hours of research that went into this book. For anyone who has ever done research at any level has come to realize that it takes time to find information.  Even in a world of technology even if a person only uses the internet to research something they soon find out that it takes time.

I agree with the author that "History is and must ever continue to be next to God's word....."  I must admit I can't even begin to imagine the countless hours of research that went into this book.  However, I'm indeed thankful for this book. 
The only requirements for this book are two:
1-- Willing to take the time to read
2-- Desire to grow spiritually

I don't know about you but there has been times I wondered if there was anything that happened in the Christian community on my birthday.  With this book I now know at least some of the things that happened in Christian History. I'm amazed at the time that went into the wrtiting so regardless of a person's spiritual level they would be able to understand it.

One of my favorite stories was how the late D.L. Moody started the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago and who the first graduate was.  Maybe your interested in learning how Churches grew in various areas or what people went through just to spread the Gospel. 

One thing is for sure the people who have spread the Gospel from the Apostles to those who are spreading the Gospel today.  They all have come to realize one thing.  They know they are not their own but that they have been purchased with a price -- a price they can not repay which is the Blood of Jesus.   

Great gift for those who want to grow spiritually or even yourself