Monday, October 27, 2008

Person of the Week

This week it is indeed a special lady.
Her name is Nancy Alcorn.
She is the founder of Mercy Ministries.
Every step of Mercy Ministries is done by faith.
People come to Mercy with various needs from substance abuse, physical abuse ectra.,...
The ones that come to Mercy must come of their own free will.
They come from all over and all ages.
Most find Jesus at Mercy.
Let's face it you don't have to far to find a person that is hurting.
Every 3 minutes a person goes through abuse.
Along with Godly counseling the ladies come to realize that they do have value.
For at Mercy they learn their value comes from their Heavenly Father, not man.
Let's face it there is such a difference.
Perfection vs. Imperfection
Upon graduation of the program which lasts about 6 months.
Many of the ladies that have been helped answer the call to follow God.
For some its a missionary, yet for others its to be a counselor.
This gives them a chance to help others that are going through what they went through.
They are able to offer them hope.
Above all the Gospel is shared.
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