Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Impact of Prayer part 2

Years ago the Senior Pastor along with His wife felt God had laid a burden on them.
To reach people that were far from Christ.
Night after Night they prayed.
They remained faithful.
The Senior Pastor had a Bible class.
This allowed him to put on paper what God laid on His heart.
They fasted on a regular basis.
They started praying in homes for about 6 months.
6 months later a big Sister Church called and met with him.
They left and went to the Parent Church.
After a little over a year at out Parent Church.
The time had finally come to put into action what God had laid on His heart so many years ago.
Was it a dream?
Was it reality?
Well it turned out to be a reality for so much time was spent in Prayer.
Now 2 1/2 years later we have started raising money for The Church.
God blessed the Church in abundance with land and resources.
Hard to believe that next week will be First-Fruits Sunday.
Especially after setting up and tearing down on a regular basis.
Yet as I sit here reflecting on where has the time gone?
I remember something the Senior Pastor's wife once said. "We prayed and cried and prayed cause it hurt too much."
As a result of their obedience and faithfulness.
I've been blessed to hear:
"People say if it had not been for the Senior Pastor and his wife I would not have a Church home."
Folks I have heard many say that.
It reminds me of "The harvest is plenty, but the workers are few."
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