Wednesday, October 22, 2008

When the New Wears Off

Do you remember how excited you was when you got a new car?
I do.
Okay mine was used but it was still new.
It seems like only yesterday .

How many of you have got new pets?
New kittens? New puppy's?

Sure most of us have.
It seems like only yesterday.
We recently got a new puppy.
His name is Blackie and does he love attention.
He is part lab/part chow.

We got Blackie shortly before Christmas last year.
He is so cute just coal black.
So we both slept in the den.
I slept in a Recliner and Blackie slept at my feet.
Which I must admit was one of my favorite memories.

So as luck would have it I'm a sound sleeper.
During the middle of night Blackie had to go to the bathroom.
You guessed it Blackie had to wake me up multiple times.
Needless to say I ended up with scratch marks on my face, nose, arms.
I know Blackie was just trying to wake me up.

When Blackie couldn't wake me up I had a mess to clean up.
When I woke up Blackie would just look at me.
As if to say its about time you woke up.
I've been trying for awhile now.

Now Blackie is 6 months old and He sure has grown.

My has Blackie gotten big and yes Blackie is still a puppy just not so small.
He can jump almost to my head and yes he still loves to lick.

My Father recently got a New Riding Lawn Mower.
Okay its not new.
Still its New to my Father.
So He is going to take real good care of it.
After all its new even thought its used.
To Daddy its New.

So what seems to happen when the new does wear off?
What causes it to be treated any differently?
Was it not new?

Remember when you got saved?
God does.
The Angels had a party in Heaven just for you.
The Angels love to celebrate.
I remember when I go saved.
I remember asking questions about scripture?
I often heard the remark "Oh you are a new Christian."
Even though I heard it. That didn't mean I understood it.
So far I've been a Christian for 17 years.
God still loves to hear my voice.
So whether you have been saved 50 years or 1 day.
God's love for you is the same.
Jesus love for you is the same.
Holy-Spirit's love for you is the same.
With God the new never wears off.
With Jesus the new never wears off.
With the Holy-Spirit the new never wears off.

You are just as precious to them today as you were when you asked Jesus into your heart.
Remember with God the new never wears off.
God loves to hear your voice for it is still new to God.

"He sends His love." quote from Point of Grace

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