Monday, February 1, 2010

God's Timing

Currently I work in Health Care profession answering questions providers may have about a person's benfit or claim.

Sometimes I'm so busy at work that before I know it I'm late for lunch.

 How this came about was clearly God's timing

There was just 1 person who set between me and Dianne yet when I was on a call she wasn't and vice versa.

Then one day at lunch the subject came up about me walking for Mercy Ministries

Diane asked me what was I planning to do... As soon as I mentioned Mercy Ministries then Diane started telling me about Mercy Ministries now how cool is that.

Well this was just the beginning of a friendship.

I remember telling her what Eph 1:18 and how I loved that verse.

Dianne just said why Yvonne Ephesians Chapter 1 is my favorite chapter.  I thought how cool is that.

Not too long ago we happened to be at lunch at the same time.  Which I must admit is very rare.

I was telling her about something the Pastor said in a sermon 

That he was doing a series of sermons on Restart

Without thinking Dianne said oh you must go to Biltmore Baptist and then she started asking me if I knew this person then another.

Needless to say I'm blessed to have Dianne as my friend.

My favorite part is when I mention something and then she tells me about it.  To hear the excitement in her voice.

To think at one time there was one person who sat between us and now we are close friends.  

Thankful for God's Timing

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Answered prayer/No Warning

Not too long I asked those on staff @ Mercy Ministries to pray for my sister.

I must admit just to be a volunteer for Mercy Minisistries means more than I could say.

Well for some time Vicki has been a morning person.

On the other hand I've never been one.

Let's face it there are some things that only God, Jesus, Holy-Spirit and God's Word can do.

I like to think God made it that way for a reason

One thing I know God is always on time.

Still there was no warning as to what was about to happen.

Clear out of the blue Vicki started yelling before 6 am

"Yvonne , Yvonne wake up your going to miss Joyce "

I must admit that I didn't get up at 6am

I'm dreaming this has to be a dream............

Yet Vicki continues to yell I tell myself I'm dreaming

"Yvonne, Yvonne you've already miss Joyce at 6 am"

"Yvonne, Yvonne hurry you can catch Joyce at 6:30 am"

I get up to watch Joyce at 6:30 am

Still can't believe I'm up but with a cup of Joe I'm able to take notes

Oh by the way for the few mornings I've missed Joyce in the morning

My darling sister makes me watch Joyce before I eat supper.

She just says do you want to eat then watch Joyce.

To this day I don't know what anyone on Staff of any of the Mercy Ministries homes prayed.

I just knew they had prayed

As I pray for their needs.

The irony of whole thing is Joyce Meyer is one of Nancy Alcorn [founder of Mercy Ministries] mentors.

Thankful that a prayer was answered