Thursday, July 23, 2009

Walking by Faith

Usually I just write about One Person
Well this week is different

God has blessed me with the opportunity to hear a person with such a vision
His wife is no different
God is using them to impact millions of people on a daily basis
For some its watching their sermons on TV
For others its listening to them on the Internet (inc myself)
For others its reading one of their many books
Needless to say the list continues.........
How God has used them to stretch me spiritually and so many others is indeed a God thing
I remember one of His first sermons that I heard on TV about asking for Gods favor
Well I thought a sermon isn't any good unless you put it into practice
So the following day I started thanking God for His divine favor
In fact God used them to teach me to call things forth as if it was so
the other thing that helped me was a book "Hung by the Tongue" it talks about
how the more verses you know the less a hold Satan will have
Then there was the Sermon about the feed store and now look
They worship in a Compact Center
Always speaking words of life and encouragement
Walking blindly by faith
This person of the week is Joel & Victoria Osteen
Thank you for being vessels for God
Thank you for stretching me spiritually and so many others

Another person that walks by faith
God has used this lady to minister to so many ladies
Not to mention how God has used everyone on staff to set the Captives free
To say that her faith is indeed strong would be putting it mildly
For years she had worked with hurting people doing it the Governments way
Then the moment came that God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit laid on her heart
to start a home.
She had some friends in Louisiana and off she goes
She left her job
Gave up security as the world may know
Went to another state and stayed with friends
Just taking her car, a couple of suitcases, clothes on her back and $1000.00
Now of course there is more to the story.
Needless to say Mercy Ministries was born
She didn't have all the pieces but she had God's word and God's instruction
Thank you for following God Nancy
This person of the week is Nancy Alcorn founder of Mercy Ministries
for additional information

I salute everyone who walks by Faith

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Everything You Do touches Someone in some way or not"

Everything you do touches someone.........

I was blessed to help out with another local Church that went on a Missionary Trip

"Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto thee"

On the outside the Church is small but their hearts are BIG.

One thing for sure is they know how to speak to the Mountains

They went to an area In Kentucky where less than 50% have jobs

It was an opportunity to witness to over 2,000 people

The seeds that were planted for Gods Kingdom

They took a 18 wheeler that had over 20,000 lbs of clothes

They did run out of Childrens clothes.

It was a place for people to come get school supplies and to hear them be so thankful for a ruler after all it was gold to them

My favorite part was no one went through the Line that didn't get witness

In my book 'They got it"

They went to the area where Coal Mining was mostly what people did for a living.

The Average life spine of a Coal Miner is 42 years old

When they reach the age of 30-- they are on disability due to lung disease

The Youth had made salvation bracelets for the kids prior to giving them one
they explained what the bracelet meant as follows:
"Yellow" represent God's perfect Light

Black represents our sins

Red represents the blood Jesus shed for us

Green represents the new life we have in Jesus

Blue represents our Baptism

White represents our purity

Purple represents the crown of life

To shorten the line for clothing and school supplies
Their was an area where tracks were passed out
Another area where on the right hand side someone painted fingernails
On her left someone did face painting on the kids
In front of the tables were 2 people that later became 3 cutting hair nonstop

One of the persons that was cutting hair used to wonder why she chose that as a profession for years
--Then when she saw the people lined up that needed a haircut that couldn't afford one and how thankful they were for it and the look on the Parents face that words just couldn't express their heartfelt gratitude
--Then she knew why she chose that as a career and she was one of the ones that were blessed

I mentioned at the beginning that they run out of Children's clothes
There is one story that I would like to share with you---
As Children came through the line
--When I heard this I knew that I had to share it

----One child came through and said "Mom I already have 3 shirts, I can't have anymore" Well Tammy did the right thing and said your going to get your bag full and that is just what happened

By 7:30 pm ---over 2,000 people had come through the line

I would like to say thank you to everyone @ North Canton Baptist Church for allowing me and a close friend Deb Petre to help with the clothes

I salute each and every one and look forward to working with you in the future on other Missionary trips.

So grateful that you were willing to speak to the Mountain