Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Never Too Old

I remember as if it was yesterday praying for my family to grow in their walk with God.

God does indeed answer prayers.

Allow me to set the stage:
-My Father has a tendency to get up early and listen to the swap shop.
That's when people call if they are looking to sell a item or buy a particular item.
That's where my Father got his brand new Lawn Mower.
Okay its used.

While I was at the Computer, I received a blessing.
God received a blessing as well.
I just thought Jesus had to be smiling Himself.

Daddy came home so excited about the brand new Lawn Mower that he just purchased.

In fact Daddy was so excited about the Lawn Mower that he forgot something.

So He called the person he bought the Lawn Mower back on the phone.

After all He just had a couple of questions to ask.

First He wanted to know if they had a home Church they went to?

He would like to invite them to Church.

The Senior Pastor's wife was right as usual when she said "Yvonne, you never know".

If I had been talking and not listening I would have missed the blessing.

Its always a blessing to hear others witness young or old.

I had to stop and thank God for the blessing.

Daddy may be in his 80's but he still witnesses.
He knows the plan of salvation.

I'm thankful that I was here to listen to Him witness over the phone.

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