Thursday, November 6, 2008


I was on my way to work when I saw something that made me think.
A SUV changed lanes and had the license plate "THANKFUL."
Once again I found myself thinking about that on and off today.
I have so much to be Thankful for after all God has blessed so much.

Then I found myself thinking "What is God thankful for?"
These are just a few of my thoughts.
Again it is my thoughts.

"God's Thankful for:"
-person that asks Jesus in His or Her heart
-a person that seeks God's face
-a person that surrenders to God
-a person that is obedient to God
-a person that makes the time to study God's word
-a person that takes the time to pray
-a person that chooses to minister to another person
-a person that chooses to encourage another person
-a person that chooses to fast
-a person that longs to hear God's voice

These are just a few that came to my mind that God is thankful for.
Remember God is thankful for YOU!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sayings that makes me think

Not long ago I started a new job.
I must admit I enjoy where I work.
I'm learning so much.
There are days that it seems like I'm a sponge.

One of the persons training me has a saying that always makes me stop and think.
She just simply says "It is What It is."
I must admit hearing that has really made me think.
Regardless of the words a person speaks or thinks.
God just simply says "I love you."
Regardless of how a person acts.
Jesus says "I shed my blood for you."
Whether you are a blessing to others or not a blessing.
God says "I love you."
God's love is indeed a love I may not always understand.
I guess my trainer is right.
"It is what it is."
Regardless of the situation or circumstance.
God has love for you.
You are the apple of God's eye.
"It is what it is."
God is on His throne.
God is always at work.
God never sleeps.
Mankind has value because God gave mankind value.
"It is what it is."
God's love for mankind is unconditional.
"It is what it is."

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Person of the Week

God has blessed me with so many people.
I must admit He is a blessing to so many people.
He has such a love for the Teenagers.
He has gone on Missionary trips back to back.

His wife has indeed been nothing but an inspiration.
Her insight has indeed been profound.
She is indeed a Proverbs 31 lady.

God has used the Associate Pastor to lead many youth to God.
After all is that not what its all about.
Person of the Week
Associate Pastor Tim Owns of Pinnacle

Just like Jesus

Got a story for you.
When Jesus received word that John the Baptist had been beheaded. He was hurt.
Jesus just wanted to go and pray.
Once again the crowd spotted him.
Instead of Jesus praying to his Heavenly Father.
He did the Sermon on the Mount.

The Senior Pastor reminds me of that where I go to church.
His wife is in a lot of pain.
Still they minister.
Now it is the Church's turn to minister to them.