Thursday, November 20, 2008

Person of the Week

This person got knocked down a lot.
He refused to give up.
Every time someone knocked him down.
He got back up as soon as He could.
He would be the first to tell you
God is His strength.
People continue to read about him today.
I remember it as if it was yesterday
how God used him to impact my life.
One of his most famous sayings was:
"We could be just like them under circumstances."
That saying has helped me so much.
Years later God used him to
stretch my faith.
I must admit that I have fallen back on it a lot.
He had such wisdom.
He left a legacy that still impacts people today.
During one of the most difficult times our Country
has faced He was President.
Yet, he refused to judge.
He would just say
"We could be just like them
under different circumstances."
Then he would walk off.
So simple, yet profound.
God indeed blessed him
with the gift of wisdom
and so many other gifts.
"Every good and perfect gift comes
from above."
I never had the opportunity to meet him.
I did have the opportunity to go to
the Lincoln Memorial.
Person of the Week:
Abraham Lincoln

Words of Wisdom

Regardless of where a person is on their journey.
For life is indeed a journey.
Every journey begins with a step.
This is a passage that spoke to me while I was on break.

Psalm 84
LORD God All-Powerful, your temple is so lovely!

Deep in my heart I long for your temple,
and with all that I am I sing joyful songs to you.
LORD God All-Powerful,
my King and my God,
sparrows find a home near your altars;
swallows build nests thereto raise their young.
You bless everyone who lives in your house,
and they sing your praises.
You bless all who depend on you
for their strength and
all who deeply desire to visit your temple.
When they reach Dry Valley,
springs start flowing,
and the autumn rain fills it with pools of water.
Your people grow stronger,
and you, the God of gods,
will be seen in Zion.
LORD God All-Powerful,
the God of Jacob,
please answer my prayer!
You are the shield that protects your people,
and I am your chosen one.
Won’t you smile on me?
One day in your temple
is better than a thousand anywhere else.
I would rather serve in your house,
than live in the homes of the wicked.
Our LORD and our God,
you are like the sun and also like a shield.
You treat us with kindness and with honor,
never denying any good thing
to those who live right.
LORD God All-Powerful,
you bless everyone who trusts you.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Simple Messages Part 3 cont...

Today at work I noticed one of my friends shirts.

It said the following:

One Message

One Method

One Mission

I found myself thinking how true.

Simple yet profound.

I found myself adding the Following:

One God

One Message

One Method

One Mission

One Saviour

Monday, November 17, 2008

Simple Messages part 2 cont....

"One Birth
Changed History."
Simple yet Profound.
Birth of Jesus continues to change lives.
This has withstood the Test of Time.
Lives continue to be changed by this One Birth.
One Birth Did Change History

Power of Prayer

Being on a budget is not always easy.
I have learned that even when you are on a
tight budget.
It is possible to bless others.

This past Summer we had a Garden.
We came up with our own Irrigation System.
Which proved to be a blessing in disguise.

I remember it as if it was yesterday.
As I plowed in the garden I prayed.
Praying over the seeds and plants as they were planted.
Even when I watered the plants I was praying.
Every step pf the way I was praising God that it was His land.

What I did not realize I was praying out-loud.
Well not until Daddy stopped me and asked if I was Pentecostal?
The answer to that would be no.
However I'm God's Child.

I'm convinced that Prayer was the difference.
As a result many others were blessed from the Garden.
God truly blessed us with so much food.
With the economy the way it was I found myself more thankful.
I'm convinced today everything that came out of the Garden was because of God and God alone.

With cost of gas prices this Summer.
It was not uncommon to see people only buy what was needed.
Angel Food ministries has also been a blessing.

For additional information about Angel Food

"Having been poor is no shame,
but being ashamed of it is."
Benjamin Franklin

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Simple messages

I first found this message in a Christmas card.
Simple yet profound.
The words on the Christmas card are as Follows:

"He came to pay a debt
He did not owe
Because we could not
pay the debt we owed."

Again so simple yet profound.
This words have withstood the test of time and so much more