Friday, October 17, 2008

Letter from Jesus

While I was searching the Web I found this letter.
This is worth sharing with everyone.
Young or Old it is sure to be a favorite.
Okay its my favorite.

Letter from Jesus
Author: Anonymous
I love you!
I shed my own blood
for you to make you clean.
You are clean now,
so believe that it is true.
You are lovely in my eyes,
and I created you to be just as you are.
Do not criticize yourself
or get down for
not being perfect in your eyes.
This leads only to frustration.
I want you to trust Me --
--one step one day at a time.
Dwell in My power
and in My love and be free!
Be yourself!
Don't allow other people to run you.
I will guide you,
if you let Me.
Be aware of
My presence in everything.
I give you patience,
love, joy, peace and life.
Look to Me for your answers.
I am your shepherd
and will lead you.
Follow me only!
Do not ever forget this.
Listen to Me
and I will tell you My will.
Let My love flow from you
and spill over to all you touch.
Do not be concerned with yourself.
You are My responsibility.
I will change you,
and you will
hardly know it is happening.
You are to
love yourself and love others
simply because I love you.
Take your eyes off yourself!
Look only at Me!
I change....I create....,
but not when you are trying.
I won't fight your efforts.
You are Mine.
Let Me give you
joy, peace, and kindness.
No one else can!

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