Monday, October 27, 2008


As a child of God I must admit there's been rough times along the way.
I can remember when I wondered would I ever see a mountaintop again.
After all it seemed like I went from one valley to another.
Would I see a mountain?

Recently God has been using a very special lady to teach me.
Regardless of how she feels she just continues to minister to others.
This lady rarely asks for anything.
She just goes around encouraging everyone else.

This special lady is the Senior Pastor's wife.
Her right hip causes her a lot of pain.
Yet, she hardly says anything.
Instead of saying much she simply says "Call me anytime".
She will be the one to call you and see how you are doing.
Yet, she needs a hip replacement.
Even when she is in a lot of pain she continues to minister.
She allows people to leave before her.
In fact she will even try to help you.
Yet, she needs surgery.
The most important thing to her is God.
She treasures her relationship with God very much.
She married her high-school sweetheart and the rest is history.
He stands by her side faithfully.
Praying that she was not in so much pain.
Just to see how she ministers to others has taught me so much.
Then again I have been blessed to have her as a sister.
Grateful for her wisdom.
Wanting her to have the surgery.
Wishing that she was not in pain.
Yet this brave lady continues on.

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