Thursday, October 16, 2008

Do you want him/her?

One of my favorite songs says:
"Do you want him/her? Jesus, said Yes I want him/her."

Today I happened to look at the calendar and saw that it was Oct 16th, 2008.

In 12 days I will be a child of God for 18 yrs. Just in 12 days was when the angels had a party in my honor 18 years ago @ 12:03pm.

Allow me to set the stage
I went to Church arriving late as usual.
What's the point I thought.
There was not one Bible Verse I understood.
I never understood the meaning behind Easter other than the Easter Bunny.
Now that is saying a lot.

The Church was a small Country Church where they sang hymns.
It was the first Revival service.
The sermon was from Matthew 13
They sang "Just as I Am" as the invitation song.

The Revival Minister had everyone to close their eyes.
Okay I peeked
He then asked the question "If you were to die today would you go to heaven?"
Since I was peeking. I saw people raise their hands. I must admit that I did not understand how they could raise their hands.

So I went and asked the Pastor of that Church if He would mind praying with me.
We prayed.
No one told me that I was supposed to wait to the Pastor finished praying.
Since i was missing this piece of information.
I prayed at the same time the Pastor was praying.
I know could I not wait?
In my prayer" I told God that if He would just let Jesus come into my heart that I would follow Him anywhere."

When I least expect the Holy-Spirit reminds me of that prayer.
I continually to walk by faith.
I'm thankful that when the question was asked
"Do you want her? Jesus said, Yes I want her!

If you are thankful that Jesus said Yes I want him/her?
Will you join me in thanking God, Jesus, and Holy-Spirit.

If you don't celebrate your Salvation Birthday. It's not to late.
Mine is Oct 28th at 12:03pm.
This year I will be 18 years old

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