Monday, October 13, 2008

The Eyes

The eyes most everybody has 2. At first glance you might think they say so little when really my friend they say so much.

Ah yes the eyes some can see some cannot yet they still reveal so much.

One person's eyes shows love yet another shows hate.

One person's eyes shows emotion yet another shows no emotion.

One person's eyes shows gentleness yet another says you'll nver get close to me for it shows a protective wall.

One person's eyes shows acception while another shows rejection.

One person's eyes say its so good to see you while another says when will you leave.

The eyes can show the fruit of the spirit or it can show what the world has to offer.

The eyes can show clean or unclean spirits.

Yet it's the same pair of eyes. Oh they may change colors if a person is wearing contacts. Then again the eyes can look different if the same person wears glasses.

Then they were the eyes of Jesus who sinned not. Jesus always thinking of others and always wanting to glorify His Heavenly Father first. Being a servant definely showed in His eyes and well the list is infinite. After all it's Jesus eyes.

Ah yes the eyes?
What shows in your eyes?

Then there was eyes of Jesus who knew all and they showed_______________.

Discern yourself and then fill in the blank or blanks.

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