Sunday, October 5, 2008

Man what A Day!

This past Friday was a day!

I recently had my car worked on the starter had to be replaced.
Well needless to say the mechanic kept it longer than normal. I'm not sure if he forgot to call.
I've been meaning to take the mind reading class but keep forgetting.
There are indeed days that it seems the mind reading class would pay off.
The only drawback is I keep forgetting.

So I go and pick up my car Friday after work.
Next I plan to have my car inspected.
Only to find out that I failed the inspection because my car was worked on so I must drive 100 more miles so that the computer chips can reset itself.

When they told me that I said Do what?
After all my car was supposed to be inspected in August. Oops.
So I only have 75 more miles left to drive and then I can have my car inspected.

What had happened when my car was being worked on the battery had been disconnected too long.

Not to mention what happened at the gas station next.

I'm not sure if there was a full moon out Friday.
This past Friday sure was interesting to put it mildly.
I even found out that my Daddy who is 82 years old is mowing a widow's yard on Friday for free. He used to get paid for mowing people's yards.
Oh well I must admit He needs that companionship.

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