Sunday, October 5, 2008


Man, once again Senior Pastor's wife knew what to do. One of our sister Churches came today and served us. It was indeed a blessing. Normally every Sunday I help out with Elevate Raceway k-5. It has helped me grow so much to see the Bible from a Child's point of view.

Well this particular Sunday Shonda said I could go into the service.

God has indeed blessed Assistant Pastor with such an annointing.
He has such a heart for God. Worship was awesome.

I must admit Senior Pastor nailed me on the sermon as He usually does.

Final Exams (Tests) scripture Genesis 22
-God Tests Abraham

Recently I had the rug pulled out from me. When I shared this with a very wise person. He said maybe Yvonne is not supposed to do anything. How right He is.

I don't mind sharing that I just sat through the entire sermon crying . I realized I was more thankful for God's voice now more than ever before.

I may not know how everything is going to fit together but God is still speaking.


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