Monday, October 6, 2008

A Childs point of view

I normally help serve in Elevate Raceway K-5 on a regular basis.
Every Sunday it seems like I learn a different lesson from a child.

I made the mistake of telling Eli little Eli(short for Elijah) (Jeff n Beth Ingersoll's youngest child).
Next thing I know Eli is giving me a spelling lesson and needless to say His parents made me take a Spelling B.
  1. ELI spelled E-L-I ELI
  2. Yes spelled Y-e-s Yes
  3. No spelled N-o No

I asked Eli if he knew any other words. He simply told me No spelled N-o No.

Then he told his Dad (Jeff) Dad I taught her how to spell.

Both Jeff and Beth made me take a Spelling B at Church.

Well as luck would have it the following Sunday I learn another lesson from a different Ingersoll son.

The kids have started a project in Elevate Raceway to be showcased this fall.

Well needless to say I lost my place. Next thing I know Aaron (the middle child) is correcting me we are here not here. I can read I'm in the first grade. How right He is. The Senior Pastors wife just does an awesome job. Both the Senior Pastora and his wife just want to minister to others.. It is a blessing just to sit at their feet.

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