Friday, October 3, 2008

Product of your Environment/You Choose Your Environment

21 Days
A very wise person once said that whatever a person chooses to do for 21 days becomes a habit.
After 21 days it becomes 2nd nature.
You are what you speak.
Whatever words a person speaks is spoken directly to your spirit man.
Are you Victorious or defeated?
The scarry part is God leaves the choice up to every individual kind of scarry isn't it.
Try it for 21 days.
Come on take 21 day challenge. Read the following outloud.
You Choose Your Environment

God created me to be a blessing.

God created me to be an ambassador.
God created me to prosper.
God created me to live in a land of milk and honey.

I'm the head and not the tail.
I have God's divine favor for God heard my cry.

God has blessed me with people from the East, West, North, and from the South to walk in the Jerusaleum that God has for me.
God has a Promised Land just for me.
God has no limitations.
God has placed no limitations on me.
I'm to see myself as God sees me.
My freedom comes from God.

I'm God's daugter/son
God made me an heir to the throne.
I have Royal Blood flowing through my veins
I'm to see myself as God sees me.
I'm to see myself as God sees me.
I'm to see myself as God sees me.

Hey don't worry they are more promises then these. Remember even James knew that words have power.

Changing the Subject:
Re: Yesterday's post
I have been learning so much about the King James Bible.
Author: Adam Nicolson

Reading this book is a humbling experience for me.

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