Monday, June 13, 2011

Know Who you Pray to

 I work at a Call Center where the calls are dealing with Health Insurance.  

In between calls I was reflecting on some of the Notes that I had taken from the Internat Campus at Saddleback. 

Reflection of this notebook could not have come at a better time.

On one of the Sermons it was talking about "Know Who You Pray To"

Man did this really get me to thinking.

So I wanted to share some things I came with.

I pray to the Creater of the Universe.
I claim every promise in the Bible as Mine
I receive every Blessing in the Bible as Mine
God is raising me up.
I have God's divine favor.
What God did in the Bible He can still do today.
God has gone before me and paved the road He wants me to take.
I will seek God first.
I will give God the glory for He alone is Worthy.
God created me to be a vessel.
Father, I thank you in advance that you will never give me anything that can't flow through me.
Thank you for that even in 2011 God can still do the same Miracles that I read about in the Bible.
What is a lunch to one person, when you factor God into this He can still feed a multitude.
Thank you Father for you still give Manna
Thank you Father that you are my Strength, MY Hope, My Healer, My Provider 
Thank you God that everything I will ever need is found within your Written Word
With God's help I can do what God has called me to do.
I have God's Divine Favor
I'm annointed
I'm predestined
God silences all of Heaven just to hear my Voice
I'm an overcomer
My God shall supply all my needs
There will never be anyone Greater in me than God
God's word is eternal ; it stands firm in the Heavens above.
I'm Blessed
If God is for me than who be against me?
When God made me He broke the Mold
God has given me gifts and talents that are to be used for His Kingdom.

The good news is the same is true for you. 


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