Thursday, June 9, 2011

One Birth Changed History

 I was sitting at my desk when I looked and saw one of my sayings: 


Here are some of the things that came to mind about the Birth of Jesus

He came to fulfill all of the prophecies in the Old Testament
He came to set the capitives free and bind up the broken hearted
Once Sin entered the world there was a price that had to be paid for us.
We were bought by a price that we could not repay.  We are not our own.  We are to be bondservants to the Kingdom of God.

The  judgement between the Old Testament and the New Testament would definately change.
In the Old Testament there were 12 tribes.  Therefore there had to be twelve disciples.  In fact this was so important that in the book of Acts after Judas had ended His life.  Another disciple had to be chosen and that was Mathais.

John talks about if the all the miracles that Jesus did when He was here on Earth that they would not be enough room  to record it.  So just how many miracles are recorded in the book of John?

39 miracles are recorded which I thought was interesting since in the Old Testament has 39 books.

What is really interesting is  the Bible has 66 books.     
39 in Old Testament and 27 in New Testament - 40 authors.  It was written over a time period that was over 1,000 years yet it never lost its harmony.

Even in John Chapter 17 which is known as the High Priest Prayer Jesus asks God to protect those that would accept Him as His LORD and Saviour.  

When we pray and say In Jesus Name we are simply saying Father thank you for the gift of Jesus for if it was not for your precious Son I would not have a relationship with you today.

Needless to say the list goes on and on.  But these were just a few thoughts that came to my mind when I read  "ONE BIRTH CHANGED HISTORY'  and it did so much more.

In fact Jesus continues to intercede on our behalf.

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