Saturday, February 20, 2010

So thankful

I wanted to share the picture  that is on the
computer  at the house.

It says so much that I feel I must share :
  - God breathed His perfect love into me
 - He knew my destiny long before
I took my first breath [Jeremiah 1:1-3]
- No 2 stars are the same and He knows them all by name.
Yet His love for menkind is far greater.
-Only God could take my ashes in exchange for
beauty that can only come from Him.
-Everytime I look at this wallpaper I think of GOD
watching over me
-GOD who never sleeps
-In closing I feel I must say 
"Though I have not seen Him,
yet I know HIS voice and He knows me"
-Wherever a person is on the Journey God, Jesus, and the Holy-Spirit really love you and they have not given up on you.

"With God there are no hopeless cases" -- Nancy Alcorn founder of Mercy Ministries

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