Wednesday, March 3, 2010

God provides

Just finished listening to the news where the statement was made "This Winter will go down in history."   This is so true.

Last night I got snowed in at work but like a co-worker said everyone has a different perspective. 

I had a change of clothes, God's Word, the latest book by Joel Osteen and peanut butter crackers and my medicine for my epilepsy not to mention a blanket so I was ready so I thought.

I must admit I like the way God works so much better.
I spent the evening reading Joel's latest book and studying the book of Psalms and yes I'm still in Isaiah. 

Well our management made sure that we had something to eat 
So they ordered pizza for everyone which was delicious

Then comes a friend who is a co-worker bringing a bacon egg & cheese biscuit from Mcdonalds.

Then another friend comes in to work bringing my a delicious sandwich.

God used so many people from upper management to my friends first and then co-workers.

I was hungry and they fed me [peanut butter crackers was not enough]

I needed a warm place to rest my head and they said it's not much but your more then welcome.

As I reflect back on the wonderful time the best part was to see people being God's hands and God's feet.

Just as God provided for the birds the same God provided for me.

Blessed  indeed.

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