Sunday, January 31, 2010

Answered prayer/No Warning

Not too long I asked those on staff @ Mercy Ministries to pray for my sister.

I must admit just to be a volunteer for Mercy Minisistries means more than I could say.

Well for some time Vicki has been a morning person.

On the other hand I've never been one.

Let's face it there are some things that only God, Jesus, Holy-Spirit and God's Word can do.

I like to think God made it that way for a reason

One thing I know God is always on time.

Still there was no warning as to what was about to happen.

Clear out of the blue Vicki started yelling before 6 am

"Yvonne , Yvonne wake up your going to miss Joyce "

I must admit that I didn't get up at 6am

I'm dreaming this has to be a dream............

Yet Vicki continues to yell I tell myself I'm dreaming

"Yvonne, Yvonne you've already miss Joyce at 6 am"

"Yvonne, Yvonne hurry you can catch Joyce at 6:30 am"

I get up to watch Joyce at 6:30 am

Still can't believe I'm up but with a cup of Joe I'm able to take notes

Oh by the way for the few mornings I've missed Joyce in the morning

My darling sister makes me watch Joyce before I eat supper.

She just says do you want to eat then watch Joyce.

To this day I don't know what anyone on Staff of any of the Mercy Ministries homes prayed.

I just knew they had prayed

As I pray for their needs.

The irony of whole thing is Joyce Meyer is one of Nancy Alcorn [founder of Mercy Ministries] mentors.

Thankful that a prayer was answered

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