Thursday, January 21, 2010

I Walk for Mercy

For those who may have heard about Mercy Ministries but are not yet familiar with it.
It was founded in 1983 by Nancy Alcorn
Mercy Ministries don't take donations that has strings attached to it because teaching God's word is the most important thing.
Every issue is address from God's word.
Girls stay there for free from the ages 13-28 that
-Unplanned pregnancies
-Abuse of any kind
-Eating Disorders
-Drug addictions
-Alchol addictions
-Self Harm
-People who tried to commit suicide
and the list goes on

It is a very structured environment where God's word is used to address every issue.

My favorite story is that is from the Old Testament I want something from the New Testament

As a result over 80% of the girls accept Jesus as their LORD and Saviour

Upon graduation so many answer a call to follow God
-Counseling so that God can use them to set other captives free

Last year was my first year that I walked for Mercy.

I have so many favorite memories

Just to be able to walk last year in the 5k was such an honor and God really did provide.

I'm amazed at how God had the people set aside to make donations.
Most of my support came from divine appointments with strangers who needless to say are no longer a stranger.
One day at lunch I had an opportunity to share Mercy with a co-worker only to fine out she was already familiar with Mercy Ministries.
She asked me how much I was asking
I said a minimum donation of $5.00
Well lets just say it was more
A Co-worker that works with my sister donated 10 times $5.00 do the math.
The point is God went before, paved the road, had the right people set aside
In short 3 people I knew gave donations and the rest were divine appointments.

Then came the day of the walk
Although I had been in direct communication with some of the staff at Mercy they did keep a secret from me.
Once you round the corner you begin to climb a mountain.
My sister was a helping cheering runners and walkers for Mercy
When I got to the top of the Mountain there was my sister, there was water, and one of my dear friend Megan.

You see I was once a rape and abuse victim

Now I walk for Mercy

There are so many on staff who once went to Mercy now God uses them to help set other captives free through the power of His word.
I enjoyed swapping stories with others because it showed just how far God has brought each and every one of us.
Then just to be able to tell others that they are my heros even those who walked for those on the waiting list.
You see they really are my heros.
That is the God we serve

I walk for Mercy. Do you?

My heros
Now that is the God we serve
I walk for Mercy

This past winter I did "THE INHERITANCE" by: Beth Moore
in this series she said "part of your inheritance are the things you go through in life even those that are not from GOD. It is so crucial to stand on it cause I promise you if you are not standing on it the enemy is. "

With the teaching that comes through Mercy Ministries they are able to stand.
I walk for Mercy

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