Saturday, September 19, 2009

God's Blessing

I just finished listing to Joel Osteen via Internet
The Message of Hope tonight was God's Blessing

"But GOD said to Balaam, "Do not go with them.
You must not go with them.
You must not put a curse on those because they are blessed."'
Numbers 22:12

When you realize that you have already been Blessed by the Creator of the Universe
God will take what ever happens to you good or bad and use it for His Kingdom

My favorite part was nothing can overtake the Blessing that God has given you from the beginning.

Not too long ago I was headed to Kentucky the first of many to come...........
The area that I went to was a Coal Mining. I must admit the Country was very beautiful
I remember when I started asking for donations
The very first donation came was $1.00 bill a couple of days later another person at work gave a dollar. Then where I go to Church a lady personally packed my car and then opened the driver's door and said there is room for you.
Looking back it was all GOD
Yes there was room for me in the car but I had no VISIBILITY
I had to call my sister to come get some of the clothing out of my car so I could see to drive. Then again the support was given on an individual basis.

At first it didn't look like I had much support
I soon found myself saying out loud I must stick with God
I must follow God

I love how GOD works according to HIS word
Because I was faithful with a dollar and how God used that dollar and used my faithfulness and 2 days later blessed it with over $375 dollars of School Supplies

I remember it as if it was yesterday
at first there wasn't much of a response
I said OUT LOUD I must stick with GOD
I held my head high because I'm a child of the Utmost High
Okay I was buying school supplies and my sister was yelling you can't buy school supplies for everyone. Then I would tell my sister just how thankful they are for a ruler
Look its a ruler can I keep it? Can I have that ruler the child looks up at the MOM?
Still I bought school supplies oh it wasn't that I didn't ask
yet I stayed focused on God
The first 2 donations came from people who don't attend Church on a regular basis yet they Believe in God both was a dollar bill
When I purchases school supplies it was 3 separate purchases
the first 2 purchases came to $ .98 with tax
It bought a Notebook, Ruler, pencils, crayons, folder
Not too bad and then came the 3rd purchase
Buying school supplies out of my money
Vicki hollering "You can't buy it all....
I'm hollering back "They are thankful for a ruler.........
Because I was faithful with what God had entrusted me with God used a local business to bless Kentucky and there were enough school supplies for 100 children
I love How God
took my faith
saw how I was faithful with what God had entrusted me with ($1.00 donation x 2)
Multiplied it by using a Complete stranger who is a Servant
Which Equals enough school supplies for 100 kids with school supplies left over
It made me think of how Jesus
took a boys lunch 2 fish and 5 loaves of Bread and blessed it to feed the multitudes
If its in the Bible God can still do it.................
Never underestimate God.............
Its not going to be long before my next trip to Kentucky............
God watches over His own

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