Friday, August 28, 2009

Can do Attitude

It is so easy to allow others to influence us
The test comes when we influence others

I work with a lady who is just so thankful for everything that God has done
She is always giving praise to God even if someone compliments her
It takes her a little longer to get to her workstation more so than others
But she does not allow that to get her down
She has a smile on her face
Always encouraging
She uses a cane to help her walk but she really doesn't pay that much attention to it
You see when she is walking even though her steps are slow she is encouraging everyone that she passes
After all it is her that passes people not people pass her
This morning I was able to tell her she had the Can--do attitude
Without hesitating
She said its all God
One thing is for sure she has the right mindset
Instead of being discouraged she encourages
Instead of being knocked down she helps people who are knocked down
Well the list goes on..............................

She is thankful for the Spiritual Gifts that Her Heavenly Father has imparted to her
You can tell that there are stirred up and have risen to the top just like Cream rises to the top when a person makes butter.

The World needs more with a can do attitude

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