Thursday, October 15, 2009

Gods Blessing Part 2

I still can't get over everything that God has done just because I was faithful with one dollar. Yet I know God is still continually to work and just pour out blessings right and left. So many times I have found myself thinking wait God. Let me catch up. As soon as I have that thought I realize that is something I will never be able to do. Its better for me to rest. Be still and Know that I AM GOD.

Allow me to set the stage:[my favorite saying]
I was on my way home from work one Tuesday evening when my car stopped ok it died on Hendersonville Rd which in Asheville, NC at 5:15 pm. Now I must admit it was a little busy. Luckily I called Geico [which really has allowed me to save money]. The car was towed to where God has blessed me with some honest mechanics. I highly recommend APLUS [they are even open on Saturday] Pretty cool. So the next day they worked on it and due to the distance that I travel to and from work I was advised to start looking for a new car. Which is what I did after it stopped raining.

There really is a lot to be said God knows what you need before you even ask. One example is I got blessed with a $10.00 gift card to Ingles my first thought was gas. That just happened today. I'm all for blessings yet I know its from God. He owns it all. Its all Gods. One of my favorite quotes is

"I hate to tell you its not about you, its all about God."--- Rick Warren [Purpose Driven Life ]
Not everyone knows this. A wise person once told me that once I'm saved every second either God would use me or Satan would use me. But both of them could not use me. The good part about it is that Satan can't read my thoughts {God can} but Satan is forced to listen to what I speak. Yet so many times I have found myself thinking that God has not given up on mankind though I will be the first to say I don't always understand. After all God predestined everyone to Heaven for it is God's will that NONE should perish. That all of mankind would be in Heaven yet this is something that Satan doesn't have. A wise person told me to always tell Satan His future. He does not have one.

Oh well I guess I got off the subject a little. Now back to God's Blessing, and I must admit I love how God works. So thankful that there is Only 1 God Only 1 Heaven only 1 Cross that has the Blood of Jesus. Okay Okay I'm going to finish with the story.

Lets see now where did I leave off. Oh yeah the mechanic recommended for me to get a new car. There is just something about God's supernatural divine favor.
I ended up with a 1998 White Honda Civic and it is nice with about 130,000 miles.
In today's economy the Car salesman couldn't believe that I was going to buy a car just like that. Kelly Blue Book value on the car I now have is $5,400 . Well lets just say that is not what I paid.

As with anything there were some things on the car that needed to be fixed.
4 new tires
Front and rear brakes
Oil pan/oil change
Total with parts and labor came to $504.73
The person that I bought the car paid for everything except $4.73
The car salesman told me I would have to come up with that. So in short He spent $500.00 on the car that I was buying.

With a blessing like this I have to give my car away.
Which is what I did.
The person I gave it to I knew her daughter for a long time.
She is married to a Pastor. Even though the daughter was married to the Pastor doesn't mean that everyone went to Church. This was about to change.
Before I gave the car to my friends Mom there were some things that had to take place first.
I had to pray over the Car and dedicate it to God.
The car could not leave the property without a Bible.
Come to find out the person I gave it to had not gone to Church in over 10 years.
She is now in Church.
Never misses a service
Everywhere she goes she tells people God cares about me so much that He supplies every need I have even to a Car.
She is bringing others with her to Church.
Yet it begun with a dollar and because I was faithful God brought His word to life.
The sad thing about this is when I put on facebook that I had just gave my car away.
Only 2 people asked me
Its sad because a lot of people missed out on what God is doing.
Yet God says I love you.
So many people are now going to Church that have been prayed for over 10 years and witnessed to by so many.
My sister tells me the new owner is right.
God did give her that car and God used me to be the vessel.
God knows the end before He ever created.

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