Thursday, February 19, 2009


I just finished looking this word up in the Webster's Dictionary.

Sponge - to absorb

Like most people you might think of absorbing a liquid maybe water. Okay I will admit it that was my first thought.

Then somewhere along the way I started thinking of God's presence.

Have you ever wanted to do any of the following:
-To soak the presence of God up like a sponge thirsty for more.

-To have a hunger for THE ONE WHO GAVE IT ALL FOR

To have a thirst for THE ONE WHO GAVE IT ALL FOR ME

Ah yes Jesus did give everything He Had for you, for me or is it for me, for you.

To just soak it up .

To be a sponge when you feel the presence of :
- Jesus
-Written Word ( in this case when you hear or read)

Just to be a sponge soaking up everything that is Good from God

A very wise Pastor said "Change People Change People"

Another wise person said "Now Go Change someone by the power of the Holy Spirit that is within you."

Ah yes to soak it up and then to share Gods love with another person.

One of the biggest fears a Christian has to Witness to another person.

For those who have shared their faith with another I salute you.

For those who say that God is their Heavenly Father I hear by challenge you to share your faith with 1 person while hear on Earth.

It can be as simple as saying 'YOU MATTER TO GOD" or maybe something like 'ONE BIRTH CHANGED HISTORY".

Then if you hear a question you can tell them about Jesus.

Remember how your heart and life was changed the second you asked Jesus into your heart.

Changed People Change People

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