Sunday, February 15, 2009

Deep Breathe

I feel I must begin with one of my favorite sayings:

---Allow me to set the stage:

-Its that time of year once again

-Time to have your annual physical or maybe its a sick visit

-Regardless it involves a trip to the Doctor's office

-I'll be the first to admit if I can skip the annual physicals I will

-(DON'T TELL THE Doctor shhhhhhhhh...........)

-Still occasionally I get sick and I must admit once again I dread going to the

doctor. I don't know about you but its expensive to get better.

-Yet even though I'm sick its usually the flu ugh.

-Even though its difficulty for me to take breath I know I will hear the question.

-The Doctor enters the room :
-checks my ears (oh no, I think here it comes.....)
-take a deep breath (I think to myself I can't talk and I was just asked to take a deep breath)
- I found myself telling the Doctor I will try

-It seems like just the other day I found myself realizing everything that God did just so I could take a deep breath.

God knew I would need:
-a pair of lungs
-my heart would need to beat
-it would require for my brain to be active (after all the brain plays a crucial role especially with the other organs or so I'm told)
-a deep breath involves the digestive system

-Then of course God knew I would need a nose.

OK you win. I must admit God knew everything that I would need just to take a

deep breath. Every good n perfect gift comes from above.

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