Sunday, February 15, 2009

Smile or Frown The Choice is YOURS

Normally I try to write something that is encouraging.

After all I must admit I do not have to look to get knocked down.

On the flip side I do have to look to find something encouraging.

Unfortunately, whether you turn the TV on or buy a newspaper. The result is the same.

You either read or hear about something that is negative.

Once again on the flip side you have to seek and search.

To read or learn about how a person chose not to be a victim but instead chose to be an

over comer. Which brings me to something as simple as a smile.

Studies have shown that it indeed takes less muscles to smile.

Yet it's easier to find a frown than a smile.

I must admit I found myself thinking "As a man thinketh so he is....."""

Simple, yet profound.

Frown vs. smile

Smile vs. frown

Regardless one or the other was spoken to that person's spirit man and if that was not important enough it was spoken to their destiny.

For you see a smile brings victory.

For you see a frown brings defeat.

Defeat vs. Victory

Victory vs. Defeat.

Remember it wouldn't be God's Love after all God gave man FREE-WILL

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