Monday, January 26, 2009



As I look to the left to the right I see God’s love.

It is painted in laughter I hear a smile on a Grandma’s face.

Its funny how Grandparents work.

When they are just parents it is typical for the son or the daughter as the case may be to hear both yes and no.

When they become a Grandparent suddenly their love is different.

They get all the favorite things for the grandchildren.

Its common to hear just don’t tell your MOM and of course the child is going to say I am going to do just that.

Cause in the Child's mind I want you to bless me and you wont feel good if you don’t bless me.

Kind of makes me wonder where they get that idea.

Then I find myself stopping and thinking that God knew the book of Revelation before He chose for there to be a beginning.

To begin simply means to create, start, implement, however whenever there is a beginning there must be a finish line.

What is so interesting that God knew the order that the verses need to be in.

The written word is a gift from God to His sons and daughters.

After all God remembers everything that He has ever spoken and will ever speak to every one of His sons and daughters.

Regardless how mankind acts nice or mean, an act of friendship or a hate crime the choice is left up to mankind.

Not that mankind chose for it to be that way but God chose it that way.

Yet it makes me stop and wonder because God created mankind to worship Him.

We should have an intimate relationship with Him to always thirst for more.

Yet God took His love so far to the point regardless of how mankind treats Him He simply says I love you.

With God, He sees one or the other.

This is my child who last prayed (you fill the date in) or this is my creation that I long to welcome to the family.

The angels are waiting to have a party.

There is nothing that will hurt God quicker.

Than someone who accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior, yet for whatever the reason may be they chose not to be close to God.

More than anything God longs to hear every son and daughters prayer.

He even silences all of Heaven just to hear your voice.

In the meantime God waits and longs just to hear your voice .

As much as He longs to hear your voice.

He just simply says it would not be God's love if he or she didn't have free will.

God made the choice to give everyone free will.

Just as a child wants to be spoiled by his/her grandparents.

God wants to do even more but it all begins in prayer.

The best thing about the Bible is that God works according to His written word not mans word.

There is a difference.

Regardless of your choice God gently whispers I LOVE YOU .

I can’t wait to hear from you.



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