Monday, January 26, 2009

Journey Begins.........

Journey Begins with God’s First Choice

In the Briticanna the definition for journey is to travel from one point to another.

Yet it goes back much father than that.
So just where did the journey begin? With every journey there will be choices made along the way.
But have you ever stopped to think about God’s first choice.
God has and will always be on His throne. He placed the scripture in the order that He wanted it to appear.
Ah yes, the Bible pure perfection.
He impenitently left out 18 years of Jesus life for a reason that is to remain a mystery to mankind.
God will always be God and well man will always be man.
Perfection verses no perfection.
So again I ask the question where does a journey begin?

For me the journey began a long time ago.
Way before Away in A manager would be sung or talked about in Bible stories, devotions, and ah yes Church.
Yet the same one who was in a manger for you and for me was right beside His Father when God made His first choice.
Have you ever stopped to take the time and ponder on what inspired God to make a choice.

Throughout the years God has made so many choices and my Heavenly Father will continue to make choices.
Then I remind myself that my Savior the one who was bruised for my transgressions. The same Saviour who was persecuted for my sins.
That is the one who lives in my heart which is just the right size.
The same one who ministers to me on a daily basis.

He conquered death that I might live.
Yet one of the names of Jesus is Firstborn (Colossians 1) and it is beyond my comprehension. Just to know how deep His love went for you and me.
So again I ask the question where does the journey begin for you?
For God the journey began a long time ago.
Does it start with Genesis 1:1 or did God make choices long before that.
Again God is the unveiler and it is important to recognize that.

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