Wednesday, November 26, 2008


This past Sunday our Church celebrated our Annual Thanksgiving Dinner.
While the Adults ate we provided their entertainment.
After I signed 2 songs their musical program began.
Just as they practiced the musical I had to practice also.
One of the kids had brought her cousins.
They arrived while I was practicing the songs in sign language.
As luck would have it they knew some signs.
One of their friends has down-syndrome.
He uses sign language to communicate.
As I listened to their story I couldn't help but feel the Holy-Spirit.
I explained that sign language is not just for the deaf.
People use sign language to communicate that have Autistic as well as Down-Syndrome.
Then one of the girls told me they have been practicing the song"Jesus Loves Me" in sign.
For they want their friend to know Jesus does love him.
Even though they've been practicing the song awhile.
They asked me to show them how to sign a couple of parts of the song.
They just wanted their friend w/Down-Syndrome to know that Jesus does love him.
How right they are.
Then we practiced signing "Jesus Loves Me" together.
What a blessing it was just to hear them talk about the love of Jesus.
I was able to show them the part they didn't know.
If I had not practiced that door never would have opened.
I found myself thinking "Out of the mouths of babes..."
The children performed their musical program.
They did a wonderful job.
As they were performing, I found myself thinking what a blessing they are to the Kingdom of God.
"Out of the mouths of babes..."
Simple yet profound.

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