Thursday, December 4, 2008

Out of the Mouths of Babes

The following is from the play "RACE TO WIN"

This is a musical play. It talks about where a persons eyes are focused on
God vs World

Just when you think you've got it together
And you're really on a roll
Just when you think you've got it together
And sin is under control
Just when you think this time you're gonna win
That when it grabs you and pulls you in
You sin again and again
We're just a wreck waiting to happen
Sins spins us out of control
We thought we had it whipped
Then we make a slip
Flipped upside down in a cloud of smoke..............
Well needless to say the writer of this song has it.
The writer of this song knows the only perfect person that walked the face of this Earth is Jesus.
Hate to tell you this is true for all mankind.
The only exception is Jesus.
The writer of this song also knows that Gods love is for every one.
Simple yet profound.
True of all mankind.
Take heart:
God still loves
God still gives grace
God still forgives
God still welcomes people to His family
God's Mercy is new every morning
God still cares
God is infinite
Get the picture.
Simple yet profound.

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