Thursday, November 20, 2008

Person of the Week

This person got knocked down a lot.
He refused to give up.
Every time someone knocked him down.
He got back up as soon as He could.
He would be the first to tell you
God is His strength.
People continue to read about him today.
I remember it as if it was yesterday
how God used him to impact my life.
One of his most famous sayings was:
"We could be just like them under circumstances."
That saying has helped me so much.
Years later God used him to
stretch my faith.
I must admit that I have fallen back on it a lot.
He had such wisdom.
He left a legacy that still impacts people today.
During one of the most difficult times our Country
has faced He was President.
Yet, he refused to judge.
He would just say
"We could be just like them
under different circumstances."
Then he would walk off.
So simple, yet profound.
God indeed blessed him
with the gift of wisdom
and so many other gifts.
"Every good and perfect gift comes
from above."
I never had the opportunity to meet him.
I did have the opportunity to go to
the Lincoln Memorial.
Person of the Week:
Abraham Lincoln

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