Monday, November 17, 2008

Power of Prayer

Being on a budget is not always easy.
I have learned that even when you are on a
tight budget.
It is possible to bless others.

This past Summer we had a Garden.
We came up with our own Irrigation System.
Which proved to be a blessing in disguise.

I remember it as if it was yesterday.
As I plowed in the garden I prayed.
Praying over the seeds and plants as they were planted.
Even when I watered the plants I was praying.
Every step pf the way I was praising God that it was His land.

What I did not realize I was praying out-loud.
Well not until Daddy stopped me and asked if I was Pentecostal?
The answer to that would be no.
However I'm God's Child.

I'm convinced that Prayer was the difference.
As a result many others were blessed from the Garden.
God truly blessed us with so much food.
With the economy the way it was I found myself more thankful.
I'm convinced today everything that came out of the Garden was because of God and God alone.

With cost of gas prices this Summer.
It was not uncommon to see people only buy what was needed.
Angel Food ministries has also been a blessing.

For additional information about Angel Food

"Having been poor is no shame,
but being ashamed of it is."
Benjamin Franklin

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