Thursday, November 10, 2011


Nearing Home 
Life, Faith, and Finishing Well

This is a book where he reflects on his life. He also shares some of the valuable lessons that he has learned here on Earth.

Here are some of my favorite quotes from the book is:

"Likewise, the elderly would be wise to consider the contribution the young make even to our lives. They will see our mistakes, and they will see our triumphs. We will hopefully recognize their struggles and accomplishments and encourage them as they face the unknown future." 

"God has taught every generation, through blight or blessing, to look to Him as the source of all things. The greatest remedy to any challenge, including the generation gap comes from the Word of God because when the Word of God is proclaimed, God Himself blesses it."

God has used Billy Graham to impact so many people from homeless people to Presidents of the United States asking for advice.

He paved the road for a lot of people in the Ministry. He believes Male or Female God can use you all you have to be is AVAILABLE.

Young or Old. Old or Young this book is full of Wisdom for those that are seeking it.

This would make a great Christmas Gift

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