Sunday, November 20, 2011

Lessons from a Dog

                                                          Moses [when we first got him]

It doesn't seem like it has been this long since we have Had Moses.  One thing is for sure Moses has lived up to his name in many ways.  Moses stays outisde in a lot since we first got Him he has gotten out the bakc of the lot, the front of the lot, the side of the lot.  If anyone was to tell him about a Wall He  would just look at you  and think Wall what Wall?

You see even though Moses has a lot he does not let that stop him from getting out of the lot.  Moses does not even see the lot as a Wall if you will.  Moses just has this attitude I will conquer the Wall by getting out.

We live in a Society where I will believe it when I see it.
But that is not how Faith in God Works.
A person must first believe it before they will see it.

Let's face it everyone has Faith
A person goes to a Doctor they have not met before
He writes a prescription that you can not read
You take it to a pharmacy
Someone fills that prescription that you have not met
Then you begin to take the medicine

Moses [puppy] has Faith
He thinks you put me up but I will get out for I don't see any barriers and trust me He gets out no matter how cute he looks.

As a Christian where is Your Faith  level at?
What are you belieiving/trusting God  
Remember if its in the Bible God can still do it today
The only limitations that God has are the ones that you and I place on God as individual.
If we don't place any limitations on God then He is at liberty.

Again I ask where is your Faith Level at?
What are you beliving/trusting God for?

"You have not because you ask not" -- James 4:2

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