Saturday, August 22, 2009


Getting ready for a 5k race in my case I'm walking
has indeed been such a blessing to put it mildly.
I've turned every break and every lunch into a walk but not just any walk
they became prayer walks

I must admit without even realizing I had indeed become spoiled.
I look forward to my breaks and lunches to put it mildly
As I walk I just pray out loud and if I want to sing a praise song I would just sing that out loud

With businesses moving to another location especially in today's economy
I just got used to praying and singing out loud
Always thanking God for the opportunity
I'm indeed blessed to be able to pray out loud on my breaks and lunches

A blessing that so many Missionaries long for just to be able to mention God's name in public, for many they just long to hear another one mention the name of Jesus

Just to hear the name of Jesus from another person's voice
Just to hear someone learn a Bible verse
Well that is the cry of their Heart
If that is the cry of their Heart how much more does God want to hear your voice???

With changes all around us something happened at work one day
and without thinking I said that's going to mess my prayer walks up.

As things continued to unveil God answered a prayer my prayer walks will not be messed up I can still pray out loud and sing praise songs well at least for now

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