Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What if I give ALL

This week has been a little hectic

But to be honest I wouldn't have it any other way

Next week is my Vacation

Between planning a trip and everything that goes along with it.

I must admit I learned a valuable lesson

I've been trying to gather Children's clothes and school supplies
for an area where most Adults are out of work.

I even had it put in the e-mail at Work
What is that God teaches us "He who is faithful with a little..."

Allow me to set the stage

At work we get paid once every 2 weeks

I usually have to discipline myself by setting money aside for the following week especially for gas and a little extra should something come up at the last minute.
Well my immediate Supervisor gave me a Dollar
I must of made a face
I know me make a face
You got it
I could tell that by his reaction
What ???
A dollar is all I have
The rest is Credit Cards
"Thank you" I said

I'm lucky to have the Christopher sitting across from me
When He said you know its not how much you give
but the thought behind it.
Well did my feet get stepped on and you know I'm glad they did

You see I learned to be thankful for a dollar
A couple of days later Christopher gave me a dollar
I was so thankful
I told Christopher you have no idea what this will mean to the kids not to mention the Parents

So tonight I went shopping
You know a Dollar goes far listed below is my purchase with just a Dollar for much needed kids in Kentucky
[In fact its the same area that I was blessed to help out a nearby Church]

Here is my purchase

24 crayons .20
10 pack of pencils .29
Ruler .19
70 page notebook .15
Folder .09
Subtotal .92
tax .06
Total .98
Cash Tend 1.00
Change Due .02

So you see a Dollar does go far especially when you hear a story
"Look Mom its a Ruler can I have it?"

There really is a lesson to be learned
I know I learned a lesson
Needless to say it made me think of FeedtheChildren
Granted 1 person can't do all unless your name is God, Jesus, Holy-Spirit
Well hopefully you get the picture

I know I got the picture when I found myself thinking of how $5.00 feeds a family of 4

I also remembered what a blessing Angel Food has been to me and my family
Not to mention my pocketbook

You see when all is said and done
Jesus gave ALL He had for you-- for me-- for all which leaves out no one.

What if I give All..............
What if You give All................

Jesus gave All for you........ for me...............

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