Tuesday, May 5, 2009

God's Love

I don't know about you but years ago I was blessed to have a very wise person disciple me.
Okay at the time I sometimes thought He was strict.
None the less I have fallen back on it so many times.

I feel the time has come to share it with others.

Allow me to set the stage have you ever met someone that you've always looked up to.
Well my first lesson was when others found out that I had met him.
After all He is in the ministry.
I remember it as if it was yesterday there were some people that had a bright idea or so they thought.
I was shocked to find out that they had not been honest just to get money.
So I thought (well looking back my first step should have been prayer) but it wasn't.
So I thought that's money that can buy Bibles, feed the starving??
I will be the first to admit my first mistake was I thought.
Amen and Amen!
Since He was in the ministry I didn't want it to be taken advantage of.
To my surprise He gave them money and more.
Then He turned to me and said "It wouldn't be God's Love"
I said "But?"
He said there are no buts with God's Love
The test begins one I must admit I didn't think I would pass.
Bottom line is that's not for you to say
Since I went through that lesson and eventually passed.
I seem to find myself falling back on it.
Regardless of how a person acts "It wouldn't be God's Love."
Good or bad doesn't matter.
After all It wouldn't be God's love.
For you see the creator Knew it all before the Earth was formed.
every word, every thought, every action, and still He breathed life and created everyone.
Then God takes it a step further.
For you see He loves you and He loves me more than we can even begin to imagine.
Then He takes it a step further I want them to Choose Me.
In the meantime He waits.

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