Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Praise God

I was exercising last night to praise music.

One of the songs was titled Oh the Greatest Gift.

Well I must admit I found myself thinking of the words throughout the day.

Okay the first part of the song which is:

Oh the Greatest Gift I ever received was Hand Me Down Love

Love that Stood the test of time.

I must admit the artist nailed it right on the dot.

Granted I must admit I could not even begin to thank God for each and every blessing.

One thing is I'm thankful for Hand Me Down Love, a Love that Stood the
Test of Time.

Bottom line is every person who has ever drawn a breath of life God predestined to Heaven.

Of course God takes it a step further and lets mankind choose.

Grateful for Hand me Down Love, Gift of Salvation, mystery of prayer, ectra......

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