Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Good vs Evil or is it Evil vs Good You be the Judge or is it God is the Judge

As so many others I went to Church.
Some might say I grew up in Church there was just one catch I wasn't saved.
Every Sunday morning I had to wear a dress.
The dress code was a little sticker compared to now.

Have you ever met someone who just seem to fit the right in.
They seemed to say the right words wear the coolest shirts.
Its so easy to accept them after all they fit in.

What about the ones who necessarily don't fit the mold?
Maybe its someone who rides a motorcycle and at every stop He passes out tracts.

Are you more comfortable to receive a tract from a person who dresses the right way verses a person that has long hair, has a earring in, and rides a motorcycle??

What's the difference?? It could be the same tract??

Didn't Jesus shed His blood for both.

Isn't James right God has no favorites.

Could it be society??

What will people think??

Regardless of what it is its What God thinks that matters.

Hate to tell you the following but this lady has it.

Okay your right I don't hate to tell you.

I work with a very special Lady well she is in my book.

More importantly she is in Gods book.

That is what matters right.

Indeed I say Indeed that is what counts.

The word Indeed in Hebrew is like an exclamation point.!!!!!!!

My friend has tattoos all over her arms.

My favorite one is found on the lower part of Robyn's arm.

On one side she has a beautiful tattoo of Jesus.

On the other side is a tattoo of the Devil.

Hey Robyn what's the story with those tattoos'??

Robyn answered the question with just one word.

Mankind. You either look to Jesus or the Devil.

One word answered the question.

Mankind. Final answer.

Robyn has it.

Above all God knows her by name.

I work with her and better yet we'll see each other in Heaven

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