Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sayings that makes me think

Not long ago I started a new job.
I must admit I enjoy where I work.
I'm learning so much.
There are days that it seems like I'm a sponge.

One of the persons training me has a saying that always makes me stop and think.
She just simply says "It is What It is."
I must admit hearing that has really made me think.
Regardless of the words a person speaks or thinks.
God just simply says "I love you."
Regardless of how a person acts.
Jesus says "I shed my blood for you."
Whether you are a blessing to others or not a blessing.
God says "I love you."
God's love is indeed a love I may not always understand.
I guess my trainer is right.
"It is what it is."
Regardless of the situation or circumstance.
God has love for you.
You are the apple of God's eye.
"It is what it is."
God is on His throne.
God is always at work.
God never sleeps.
Mankind has value because God gave mankind value.
"It is what it is."
God's love for mankind is unconditional.
"It is what it is."

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