Thursday, November 13, 2008

On the Lighter Side

As I have mentioned in some of my previous blogs.
I have started a new job.
Brief description I answer questions regarding their Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance policy.
The person that seats beside me has a sense of humor.
As we was learning a new system.
for some strange reason I kept forgetting to click on coverage.
My friend would just say "Yvonne, we just got killed you didn't click coverage."
How right he was in the beginning.
Needless to say clicking on that is one of the first things I do.
Right now I have an A in the class.
Just so you know we have 5 different systems to go between.

But my friend is so right.
I must admit I started thinking of coverage.
Then I realized that God has it all under control.
"And lo I am with you..."
How true that is.
When a person needs comfort.
God has it covered.
When a person is week.
God has that person in His loving arms.
When a person needs to be ministered to once again.
God has it covered.
God is always on time.
Never late, never early but God has it covered.
Don't worry about being perfect.
God has it covered.
God sent His Son for YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

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