Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Year is 2012

The Year is 2012 where Majority of the People live in Microwave Mentality The More technology the better>can't go fast enough, Yet God still speaks to His Sons/Daughters but there is a Key to Hear God God's Child must first position Him/Herself

It requires slowing down spending time with God learning His Precious Voice. Waiting and Listening to His Voice plays Such a Key Role. In fact it is so crucial that it impacts everything and overflows in all areas not to mention A Person's Destiny God wants to Write the Story but His Child must first Let Him and be willing to follow . Jesus Said "Come Follow Me and I will Make You Fishers of Men."

I know in my Car I have a Ceramic fish that only has 1 fin the other is broken to remind me no matter what it is once taken to God He can Use it and turn it into a beautiful Masterpiece. Remember before there was anything There was God. God was, God is, and God Will Always be God

Happy Day (lyrics) -Jesus Culture

Who or What is Writing Your Story?

Only You Can Answer this

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