Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Has God Spoken?

Has God Spoken?
Proof of the Bible's divine Inspiration
By:  Hank Hanegraaff

This book was written so that if anyone ever had doubts about God Speaking.  His or Her doubts would end here. The Author uses the following to reveal the fact that yes God has indeed spoken:
M = Manuscript
A = Archarologist's
P = Prophetic
S = Scriptural

One thing is for sure  the author spent a lot of time  in writing this book which is a reflection of how serious He takes God's Written Word "THE BIBLE" .  To say that it took years to write this would be an understatment.

However, If you are looking for an easy read this is not.  There were many times that I had to use "Chronological Guide  To the Bible"  along with this book so that I could understand.

It would make a great  gift for Pastor Appreciation's Day

In compliance with the Federal Trade Commission  I recevied the Book from Book Sneeze a Division of Thomas Nelson Publishing Company.

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