Sunday, May 29, 2011

Put Your DREAM to the Test

When I think about the countless hours that Dr John Maxwell spent in research to help people  reach their dream.   There is so much knowledge within the pages of the book  which makes me thankful He was willing to spend that amount of time doing research.

Having learned so much from John Maxwell and being a part of EQUIP[a non-profit organization].   I was excited to get this book to say the least.  For the readers who already know their dream.  This book will help you acheive it and not give up. This book is designed to help you achieve your dream when you follow the steps that are in the book.

But what about those whose dream  are in the process of dying?  This book is even more for them and those who are not quite sure what their dream may be.  When you read this book be willing to approach it with an honest attitude.  After all if you are not honest with yourself than who will be.  At the beginning of each chapter has a list of questions as well as at the end.  Its designed that way to help you acheive the dream that is within you. 

I know for myself it made me realize that my ultimate dream was to see people come to Jesus.  Just to see people accept Jesus as their LORD and Saviour for Eternity really does hang in the balance.

I believe if the reader is willing to answer the questions honestly they will be able to come up with a game plan to reach the dream and not give up without ever reaching it.  Plus there is an additional bonus in this book there is also "A DREAM MAP"  

 For those who may not know what their dream is well its even more for you.  The only thing that I would add to this book is another book which is "My Life Plan By: Michael Hyatt" Whcich will help you stay focused on your dream.  An excellent gift for the upcoming graduates

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