Thursday, August 12, 2010

Blessings in Disquise

Yesterday I was on my way to work.  I live in 1 county but work in another County.  In today's economy as many are aware a person has to go where the jobs were. I had just got off the Interstate yesterday still in main flow of traffic when my Car just up & died.

Usually if I'm in a car by myself I'm doing 1 of 3 things:
Listening to God's Precious Word
Listening to Praise Music

Yesterday for some strange reason I spent entire time praying.  I've read and qoted many verses about how God gives us what we need not what we want.  A popular verse is  "The LORD is my Shepherd I shall not be in want." -- NIV Psalm 23:1   Well that is exactly what happened. 

Even after the car broke down I just continued to pray it wasn't long
that a Gentlemen knocked on the window and offered to push me in the Yellow lane where I would be safe.  What a blessing that was.  It turns out He is in the Ministry in Missouri and as He left He just said God told me to stop  He even offered to wait and sit behind me until the tow truck got there.  I assured Him that I was fine.

The next person that offered to help drove by on the opposite side of the road and yelled do you need gas.  Once again a complete stranger offering to buy me gas when I told him no.  He went on.  It took about 2 hours before the tow truck got there.  There was 2 other strangers that offered to help.

Once it was towed to the Mechanics after they took a thorough look at it.  The time belt had broke came close to the engine blowing up.

Remember God has gone before you, God is beside you, God is behind you.
God still loves you 
I'm convinced the key was prayer and God took care of the rest.

Prayer really does work  
My sister said and once again I have a testimony
I say it was all God

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