Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Lessons from a plant

Well I must admit I had intended to take a break
from blogging at least for the Summer.

The intention was to work in the Garden, can and freeze for the winter.

Well God had other plans

Allow me to set the stage

This year God had blesses us so much
and continues to bless us with rain
I remember working in the city thinking

I can't wait to get off from work to work in the garden.

The favorite thing about the garden is praying

out loud thanking God for so many things....

Well the day came when it had gone a couple of days without rain

was really excited about this well the first thing

we planted was tomato plants

It was about a month later when we discovered some
volunteer tomato plants already producing

Even though they hadn't received any water
except the rain that God blessed us with and they had tomatoes on them.

The ones we planted and I prayed over
well those tomato plants don't have tomatoes on them yet
but I know they will for God is my I declare it.

Then we have those volunteer tomato plants
that we didn't know about
who if the plant could speak I feel sure it would say
--I will grow

--Though I'm ignored I will bless you
--Though no one paid attention to me I have tomatoes for you

--Though you prayed over the other plants

>ignoring me I'm determined to bless you

As in my Christian walk I learned::

-- I'm the head not the tail

--God is raising me up

--Though I get knocked down I will praise God

For Praise preceds the Victory

I'm a Vicor not a Victim

I will bless others

As for being a Christian this volunteer tomato plant has taught me a lot

--Regardless of how mankind treat's God

God says I love you

--Jesus said though they have not
>asked me to come and live in their heart

I will give them every drop of blood I

have and in the meantime I will wait
on him, on her to ask me into his or her heart
--If you haven't asked Jesus into your heart it's not to late.

Just pray this prayer

Father, I am a sinner

I realize now that Jesus died on the cross for my sins.

Jesus chose to die for me because Jesus loves me.

From the resurrection on the third day

Jesus conquered death and was able to defeat Satan

For it is written in your word Father that if I profess

the name of Jesus and ask Jesus to come into my heart.

That Jesus will hear me and come into my heart.

Father, I am not perfect for I am a sinner

I realize that my heart is not big

but Jesus please come into my heart.

Jesus please forgive me of my sins.

Thank you Jesus for hearing my prayer.

Thank you Jesus for coming into my heart
The next step is to go to a Bible based Church.

Begin to Read the Bible.
The Book of John is a good place to start.

Bottom Line the Creator of the Universe really does love YOU

for who you are, were YOU are
and He longs just to hear YOUR VOICE.

God says YOU matter so YOU MATTER

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